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Thanks to tkbd for this new updated HTML version.

Download "The Wings3D Handbook" PDF Version 12-May-2009
Scroll to the bottom of this website for Wings3D example files for rendering with YafaRay and TheBounty.

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Stereoscopic Geometry Windows
Wings3D 1.4.1
Download Wings3D 1.4.1 files needed to add Stereoscopic Geometry Windows
Backup existing files before copying to wings_1.4.1/lib/wings-1.4.1/ebin

Sculpty Plug-in
Wings3D 1.4.1

Download Sculpty Plug-in
I did not write the Sculpty plug-in. I only compiled it on Wings3D
Tested on Wings3D, 1.3.1, and 1.4.1 Version.
Download Sculpty Templates

Collada Plug-in
Wings3D 1.4.1

Download Collada Plug-in
Modified version of official release with Units option added.
Backup your original files and preferences file.
wpa.beam goes into
wings_1.4.1/lib/wings-1.4.1/ebin and
wpc_collada.beam goes into 
Tested on Wings3D 1.4.1. Already included in Wings3D 1.5.1 and newer versions.

YafaRay/TheBounty Plug-in
Wings3D 1.4.1 by Oort
Download YafaRay plug-in for Wings3D by Oort - 15-Oct-2015
To install in Wings3D, File > Install Plug-in > Browse to tar file.
With Windows 7 and newer, first modify the security settings for your Wings3D folders to add "write" and "modify".
If updating from a previous version of the plug-in, you will have to first manually delete the old version.

Make sure no old copies of wpc_yafaray.beam are in the "plugins" folder or the "plugins/import_export" folder.

To configure, Edit > Plug-in Preferences > YafaRay. Click ? for help.
Tested on Wings3D Version 1.4.1, 1.5.3, 1.5.4.
This version will not work with Wings3D 2.0 and newer.
Wings3D 2.0 includes an updated version of this plug-in.

JpegLib 8b files for Windows XP
Download Standard
Download Strip Version
Download Wings3d Jpeg plugin beam and dll file

  Old YafRay 0.0.9 Rendering Software. Do Not Use
Download Old YafRay 0.0.9 Installer
Do NOT Use. Replaced by YafaRay. Leaving the file here just in case someone wants it.

Stanford Repository Models for Wings3D
Poly Reduced Buddha SSS Wings3D 1.4.1 File
Poly Reduced Buddha BiPT Wings3D 1.4.1 File
Poly Reduced Dragon SSS Wings3D 1.4.1 File
Stanford Repository

YafaRay Rendering Software
YafaRay Facebook Page
Archive/Backup of YafaRay Website (May 2020)
YafaRay User's Guide (YafaRay 0.1.1)
Download latest release of YafaRay Software (v3.5.1  13-Jul-2020)
Download Unofficial YafaRay Wings3D Plug-in by Micheus - Build date 1-June-2021
This plug-in is already included in Wings3D 2.2.7 and newer versions.
Download Unofficial YafaRay Japanese Language files by tkbd

TheBounty (YafaRay Fork by Povmaniac)
Rendering Software. Use for SSS only.
TheBounty Website
Download TheBounty 0.1.6 RC3 64bit
Download TheBounty 0.1.6 RC3 32bit
Download Unofficial TheBounty Wings3D Plug-in by Micheus - Build date 3-June-2021
Download Unofficial TheBounty Japanese Language files by tkbd

Wings3D - YafaRay Example Files
YafaRay plug-in Supported Features

Source for HDRI files, including KitchenProbe
Check example files with Ambient Light HDRI for correct HDRI file path before Rendering.
Make sure Transparent Refraction is off in Render Options before Rendering Example Files.

The "Prism Dispersion" and "Leather" Example Files have been updated (2-June-2021).

Click Thumbnails for larger images. Click thumbnail text descriptions to Download Wings3D files.

The files below have been tested in versions up to Wings3D 2.2.7

Wings3d YafaRay
Cardioid Caustics

Wings3d YafaRay
UV Cube

Wings3d YafaRay
UV Cube Bump

Wings3d YafaRay
Refractive Caustics

Wings3d YafaRay Meshlights

Wings3d YafaRay
Bump Map

Wings3d YafaRay
Carpaint Metalic

Wings3d YafaRay

Wings3d YafaRay

Wings3d YafaRay

Wings3d YafaRay
Ambient Occlusion

Wings3d YafaRay
Anisotropic Reflection

Wings3d YafaRay
Diamond Dispersion

Wings3d YafaRay
Glass Rings

Wings3d YafaRay
Mug Caustics

Wings3d YafaRay
Noise Volumetrics

Wings3d YafaRay
Prism Dispersion

Wings3d YafaRay
Cornell Box

Wings3d YafaRay
Monkey Glass

Wings3d YafaRay
Mirror Raydepth

Wings3d YafaRay
Blending Modes

Wings3d YafaRay

Wings3d YafaRay
Transparency Map

Wings3d YafaRay
Translucency Map

Wings3d YafaRay
Translucency Color

Wings3d YafaRay
Alpha Transparency Leaves

Wings3d YafaRay
Specular Bump Procedural

Wings3d YafaRay
Mirror Color Glass Musgrave

Wings3d YafaRay
Procedural Transparency

Wings3d YafaRay
Procedural Translucency

Wings3d YafaRay
Light Portal

Wings3d YafaRay
Transparent Shadows

Wings3d YafaRay
Rough Glass

Wings3D - TheBounty Example Files
TheBounty plug-in Supported Features

Use TheBounty version 0.1.6 RC3 listed on this website Not RC4 for SSS also known as SSLT.
Click Thumbnails for larger images. Click thumbnail text descriptions to Download Wings3D files.

Povmaniac, Developer of TheBounty (YafaRay Fork), has not updated TheBounty lately. It is still great for SSS.
TheBounty SSS settings have been removed from the YafaRay plug-in for Wings3D 2.2.7 and newer.

TheBounty Wings3D plug-in for Wings3D 2.2.7 is listed above.

Old Wings3D example files with YafaRay/TheBounty SSS settings are still available here.

TheBounty SubSurface Scattering Help  (Revised 04-Dec-2023)

Wings3d YafaRay
Monkey Skin SSS

Wings3d YafaRay
Jade Dragon SSS

Wings3d YafaRay
Jade Buddha SSS

Wings3d YafaRay
Candle SSS